POPi/o’s full-service video banking solution helps financial institutions connect with the people they serve, allowing for digital execution of even the most complex in-branch transactions.

With POPi/o you can:

  • Centralize lending staff
  • Get the most out of underused product experts
  • Efficiently guide users through processes like loan applications and new account openings

Want more information?

Recorded Webinar: Full-Service Video Banking: What is it, and does it work?

As financial institutions reopen their branches post-pandemic, new research confirms that 43% of consumers plan to continue doing all their banking digitally. It’s more important than ever for banks and credit unions to meet consumer needs for digital services. Watch the webinar to find out why POPi/o is the solution.


Video Case Study: Why Michigan Legacy Credit Union Choose POPi/o

Michigan Legacy Credit Union is using POPi/o Video Banking as their preferred collaboration tool for members. Watch the video to see why.