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POPwelcome – The Newest Way to Engage Your Consumer

POPwelcome is the best way to engage with your consumer through the digital channel of their choice, chat, voice, or video. Customer Service Representatives can then answer questions, co-browse webpages, and seamlessly transition the call to voice or video to elaborate on available products and services. See a demonstration and learn how this new feature can help you.

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Video Banking | Value Driven ROI & Pandemic Usage Predictions

Video banking is changing the overall strategy of banking. In this webinar we will review:
- Value-driven ROI
- Coupling value and efficiency
- Projecting the value of video with branch volume uncertainty

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Video Banking | Savings, Efficiency and Sales

Video banking is changing how you interact, serve, staff, and operate your business. In this webinar we will review:
- ROI opportunities gained through efficiency & sales
- How current video banking users are deploying video banking
- The cost vs. reach of video banking and traditional banking methods
- How to make video banking successful at your Credit Union

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Creating Relevant Branches Post Covid-19

Reopening branch lobbies? Creating a safe environment for employees and members should be the highest priority. In a recorded webinar, POPi/o CEO, Gene Pranger, and DBSI CEO, John Smith, explains how video banking and branch design can ensure branches are safe and effective.

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Consumer Access to Branch Services via Video During Covid-19

The impacts caused by Coronavirus include fear of public gatherings, economic shifts, and adapting to working from home. These variables will change banking forever.

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Video Banking Best Practices

Learn best practices from the inventors of POPi/o video banking:

- Best start to your video banking project
- Correctly set up and train video banking agents
- Market and deploy video banking to your membership
- Ultimately grow video banking within your credit union

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