Easy to Implement
POPio implementations are a thing of beauty.
Minimal Setup with Powerful Results
Implementing POPio is easy. We are a Software as a Service (SaaS) based solution. That means our solution is accessed over the internet and our apps can be downloaded from the app stores. To use POPio, all you need is a webcam, headset, web browser, and a bit of training on the backend. Consumers just need a personal device connected to the internet and the appropriate app or browser.
Leverage POPio's robust SDK's and API's to integrate video collaboration into your native apps, websites, branches and other IT systems. As you look to connect video tellers with your consumers through interactive video, implementation is not something that will hold you back.
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POPio is easy to implement,
no matter your situation.
Implementation Highlights:
SaaS-based, Native SDKs & API's, No IT infrastructure required
In-Branch Experience
Did you know POPio Mobile Video Cloud is made for the branch too?
Are you ready for real branch transformation?
Real branch transformation goes well beyond paint colors and countertops, it requires enabling new services and user experience models for your branch visitors. POPio allows you to transform your branch by providing access to product experts in branches of all shapes and sizes. Even small branches with only a concierge can offer the most complex products... now that's branch transformation!
To enable these powerful branch video collaboration experiences, all you need are dedicated tablets and/or camera enabled PCs. These POPio transformed branches don't require new servers or expensive IT equipment. Imagine getting your best product experts in all of your branches. Let POPio take your branch transformation to the next level.
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POPio in-branch transforms
the experience.
In Branch Highlights:
Both Tablet & enabled experiences, No branch-based IT investments, Centralize Product Specialists
Mobile SDK
Combine Mobile Banking with Video Chat and what do you get - Mobile Video Banking. That means full banking services available on your consumer's phones and tablets.
Mobile Video Banking is Now Here
Mobile first is a reality. Mobile banking is fast becoming the most active channel for most FI's and you need to provide the best user experience possible. Give your consumers more by offering full video collaboration right from their own personal device. POPio has created a robust Mobile SDK so you can embed our video banking experience right into your native mobile banking apps. Our SDK is available for iOS and Android. If you're not ready for that, POPio will create your own white-labeled stand alone mobile app. Either way you are able to offer personalized video banking experiences right to your consumer's personal mobile devices.
The mobile app and mobile SDK experiences are not limited. They are fully featured collaboration experiences. Consumers are able to capture content such as a driver's license with their mobile devices and upload it during the call. CSRs can send documents, brochures, URLs, and capture signatures all during the video chat. POPio is making mobile first a reality for video banking.
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POPio introduces a whole new
service in Mobile Video Banking
Apple iOS, Android OS, Signature Capture, CSR Screen Share
Complete your digital banking channel by easily embedding POPio's video chat experiences right onto your website
A few lines of code is all it takes
Adding POPio to your website is as easy as adding a few lines of code to create a start video session button. We have dynamic links that can be customized to how and when you would like them to appear or disappear.
You can also embed links in email and marketing campaigns to guide your consumers to video chat with you. The web channel is robust and enables face-to-face video chat and a full suite of collaboration features including CSRs screen sharing, document sharing, and co-browsing.
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POPio's Web SDK allows consumers
to "visit a branch" from home.
Web SDK Highlights:
Dynamic links, Co-browsing, Document Sharing, Text Chat
Support Center
Your team will love serving your consumers with POPio's Support Center. Don't be fooled by it's user-friendly design, this tool enables powerful workflows.
Browser based & easy to use
Your representatives will love using POPio. Our workflow features help your CSRs move the consumer through each step. This allows them to focus on serving your consumers in a personal way instead of worrying about what button to push next. The customizable view allows CSRs to adjust their screen based on the task at hand and graphical icons make moving from task to task a breeze.
POPio's Support Center offers a number of reports to help track usage and to review completed video sessions as well as accessing all of the documents saved from each session. All of these Support Center Features are available without adding new servers or expensive IT equipment.
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POPio's Web Based Support Center is
powerful, yet still easy to use.
Support Center Highlights:
Workflow Management, Customizable Views, Session Reporting, Session Recordings, CRM Integration APIs
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