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CUbroadcast – How Educators Credit Union Is Using Video To Enhance Member Service During COVID…

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If you really look at it, the pandemic has forced many organizations in various industries to develop more efficient processes and procedures to better serve their audiences. As we all know, video is many times a central tool in providing this enhanced customer service. Credit unions are no stranger to this development, as well.

To illustrate this point, we invited POPi/o Sales Director Mike Mares and Educators Credit Union VP of Digital Services Kimberly Schmidt on the show. Both Mike and Kimberly discuss how video banking helped Educators pivot in the midst of COVID to better serve members in need.

Here what we asked them

  • How has COVID created improved customer experiences with video being the key, here?
  • How has COVID improved your credit union’s member service?
  • What was going on at your credit union to look in the direction of a company like POPi/o’s video banking services?
  • What have been the results so far?
  • What’s next for this partnership in the area of video banking to continue this momentum?

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Creating Relevant Branches Post Covid-19

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Webinar Highlights

Effects and Trends from Covid-19 - 2:43

Changing to the New Normal - 24:00

The New Face of Your Branch - 27:45

Video Banking Post Covid-19 - 30:16

Technology For In-Branch Transactions - 41:10

Branch/Call Center Design to Consider - 46:35

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